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A fresh coating not only improves the aesthetics of your facilities but can also improve performance, comfort and moral. Industrial facilities have many different surfaces with very different needs. Induspray Spray Painting Contractors has the experience and knowledge to guide you to your perfect finish.
Industrial surfaces can range from heavy duty to minimal traffic. For every surface and purpose there is a coating to meet your needs. To get the most out of that coating, you need a contractor who knows what surface preparation is needed and how to successfully apply the coating.
While you might think that painting a factory or an empty warehouse is a very simple thing to do, there are actually a lot of potential blunders that an inexperienced contractor can make.
If you scrub the floor and dump the waste water down the drain, you expose the building owners to exorbitant fines. Do you know the grade of the galvanizing on the metal ceilings, is it passivated? It can make the difference between a job that lasts decades — or one that is peeling in a few months.
Are environmentally-friendly paints such as latex paints a good choice for a warehouse or an old manufacturing plant? It all depends on what processes have gone on inside the building during its lifetime and what possible contaminants there can be on the surfaces.
Why take the risk of using a less experienced industrial painter? Choose a spray painting contractor company with a proven record.
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