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Epoxy coated floors are strong, durable and easy to maintain. Our years of experience means our epoxy contractors can assist you in choosing the right epoxy floor finish and specifications to match your warehouse or industrial facility needs by applying it correctly. Epoxy floor coatings are a great way to protect concrete floors from high-traffic activities and from harsh materials in your facilities.
At Induspray Spray Painting Contractors, we specialize is preparing and coating industrial and warehouse floors with a wide range of high-performance epoxy coatings and paints. Our pre-coating preparation methods include mechanical shotblasting, diamond grinding, scarifying, and ultra-high-pressure washing.
While we can’t always promise that we will be the cheapest floor coating contractor in Ontario (although many times we are), we are extremely competitive and always have a range of cost options to offer when it comes to coating your floors, and strive to be the best value contractor.
If your floor is extremely worn out, we may recommend a 1/4″ epoxy overlayment, but if the budget does not allow for that, then we have less permanent systems we can offer as an alternative.
In areas where static discharge cannot be tolerated such as in electronic manufacturing plants, then we have specialized ESD (electro-static discharge) coatings available to protect your manufactured electronic components.
In areas where electrical sparking can be a hazard, we can offer spark-proof flooring to prevent sparks and explosions.
There are always multiple options when it comes to floor coatings, so we will do our best to give you as many as we see practical and that will meet your needs properly. If we believe a certain system will have a high likelyhood of failure and we will not do it, then we will make you aware of it so that if you decide to proceed with another floor coating contractor for that incorrect system, at least you know what to expect.
Why take the risk of using a less experienced epoxy floor coating contractor? Choose an Ontario industrial epoxy floor coating company with a proven record. Our customers choose us for our:

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